Snus effect: Wat is het effect van snus?

Snus effect: What is the effect of snus?

What effect does snus have?

When you start using nicotine pouches you may feel a slight tingling on your gums. This happens because your body absorbs the nicotine. Nicotine pouches with a mint flavor enhance this tingling. If you want to reduce the tingling...

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Wat is het effect van snus (nicotine zakjes)

Snus has been around for centuries, but it has been really on the rise in recent years. Our Swedish fellow men are big fans of this tobacco variety.

Are you by any chance in the phase where you are considering the use of snus? Then you are probably curious about more information about this product. There is a great demand for information about the effect of snus in particular. Read on for more information on this subject. We take a closer look at the effects, the possible risks and the related consequences of snus.

What exactly does snus mean?

Snus contains tobacco, but is not smoked. In a nutshell, snus means that you still use tobacco and get nicotine into your body, while you do not have to smoke for this. It is therefore a well-known alternative to smoking itself.

There are different types of snus use. The most famous are:

  • Swedish snus: A very popular form of snus that is mainly used in Scandinavia. This snus is dry and you place it under your upper lip for a certain time.
  • Snus without tobacco: The name says it all, this snus contains no tobacco. An example of this are the popular nicotine pouches. This form is also on the rise in the Netherlands.
  • Snus without tobacco and nicotine: Finally, there is also the snus that ignores both tobacco and nicotine. This last variant therefore contains the least equivalent ingredients as the original cigarette.

The effect of snus

After this clarification about what exactly snus is and what forms of snus there are, it is time to look at the effect of snus. What is the effect of snus on the body?

The most prominent effects of snus are due to nicotine. Nicotine is a drug that has a certain effect on you. The nicotine is in the snus and the nicotine pouches.

The advantage of snus and nicotine pouches compared to smoking is that the nicotine is absorbed less quickly by the body. Positive effects of snus and nicotine pouches are:

  • Relaxed feeling: For a short time you experience a feeling of relaxation and slightly euphoric thanks to the nicotine.
  • Improved concentration: As well as the relaxed feeling, the improved concentration also applies for a short while.
  • Aroused feeling: A cheerful feeling is the only one that lingers longer than the rest. This is the result of an increased adrenaline level in the blood.

With average use of the aforementioned products, it takes a few minutes before the above effects become noticeable. On average, they take longer than smoking to be experienced, but on the other hand, they also linger longer. This feeling can last between 30 and 40 minutes.

One of the known effects of snus is that the user experiences a tingling or a slight burning sensation on the gums after placing a bag of snus. This purely depends on the composition and nicotine content of the nicotine pouch.

People with heart problems or a certain heart condition would do well to avoid all forms of nicotine. Do you sometimes suffer from heart rhythm disorders, high blood pressure, are you pregnant or are you currently breastfeeding? Then we recommend that you do not use products with nicotine.

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