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VELO Zero Ice Cool
VELO Zero Cool Storm

VELO is the number one producer of snus in Scandinavia. VELO's snus is made from plant extracts with added nicotine. Sweeteners and flavour extracts are also added. VELO's products are of very high quality. (Cellulose)

VELO from Scandinavia?

VELO is a Scandinavian invention. Unlike other Europeans, Scandinavians have a different attitude to life. Where many Europeans see obstacles, Scandinavians see opportunities. And that is exactly where VELO appears on the scene and takes advantage of it. Velo used to be called LYFT and is a very popular brand of nicotine pouches.

VELO instead of smoking?

VELO is a revolutionary white oral nicotine pouch that offers adult smokers and nicotine users an alternative and convenient way to quit smoking and still consume nicotine. So you can quit smoking and still get your daily dose of nicotine into your body thanks to VELO. Velo Freeze is the absolute Number 1 and very popular among users of Swedish Snus. Also Velo Ice Cool is among the most popular smokeless nicotine bags.

What Velo flavours are available?

Velo is available in several flavours, such as tropical fruit flavour, as well as many mints and even coffee flavour under the name Velo Creamy Coffee Mini strong.

How many pouches are in a Velo box?

Velo Snus boxes usually contain 20 nicotine sachets. However, there are some packs that contain more sachets. You can always find the exact number under the specifications tab of each product.

Where can I buy Velo Pouches online?

If you want to buy VELO nicotine pouches online, is the right place. Here you will find all available flavours and products for the entire market, and always at a very good price. To get the best VELO price, you can buy multiple cans, or look out for one of our many discounts and VELO offers. At, buying VELO online has never been easier. Just pay with your credit card, Gpay or bank and the products will be delivered to you in no time.