Are you looking for Swedish snus? Then look no further, because… that makes no sense! Real Swedish snus may not be sold in the Netherlands or neighboring countries. Only in Sweden and Norway is the sale of these Swedish tobacco pouches legal. The Scandinavian shops are also not allowed to send it to you. But don't be sad! We have something that is at least as good: nicotine pouches. This is a product that is also called 'snus' in the Netherlands, but is slightly different from Swedish snus. We would like to tell you what the differences and similarities are between these pouches and Swedish snus.

What is Swedish snus?

Swedish snus is made from tobacco. More precisely, it is finely ground, moist tobacco, mixed with salt and flavourings. This Swedish snus is sold both as loose tobacco and in small bags. You place the tobacco under your lip, where the nicotine is released. After a while you throw the tobacco away again. So it looks a bit like chewing tobacco, with the difference that you don't have to spit. The advantage of snus over smoking is that you do not burden your lungs and do not burden others with smoke.

What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are small pouches that you also place under your lip, with nicotine but without tobacco. Because there is no tobacco in it, this product can be sold here. Its use is almost identical to that of Swedish snus. You put the pouch under your lip and let it sit there for a while, releasing the nicotine and the desired aroma. Nicotine pouches come in all kinds of flavors and strengths, so there is always something you like.

What are the main differences?

Besides the fact that Swedish snus is not for sale here and nicotine pouches are, pouches have several advantages over 'real' snus. Because the pouches do not contain tobacco, you do not ingest any other unnecessary and/or harmful tobacco components in addition to the nicotine. You won't get tobacco stains on your teeth from nicotine pouches either. The pouches are also easier to use than loose snus: the pouches are soft, clean and flexible. Finally, the range of flavors and strengths of pouches is large. So there is always a variety that suits you!

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