Stoppen met roken op een trendy manier

Quit smoking in a trendy way

Have you been thinking about quitting smoking for a while, or have you even tried it but it always doesn't work? Maybe it's because you're not doing it right. Some people can suddenly throw away their pack of cigarettes and after three days have no more trouble kicking the habit. Others are working on this for weeks and are slowly decreasing.

There are of course different ways to quit smoking. Think, for example, of simply reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke per day, but also the use of patches or nicotine gum. The e-cigarette is also an option to quit smoking.

But if you want to do it really well and trendy, you can also choose to use pouches. How this works exactly and what pouches are, we tell you in this article.

What exactly are pouches?

Pouches, also called nicopods or nicotine pouches, are small pouches that contain nicotine together with a nice taste. You can decide for yourself which flavor it contains, just like the nicotine level. You put the nicopods between your upper lip and gums and is so small that it stays in place well and comfortably. So you are hardly bothered by it and often do not even notice that it is there. As soon as saliva gets to the pouches, the nicotine and the taste are released.

Nicotine bags are becoming more and more popular and that is not surprising when you look at the benefits. You no longer ingest tobacco, there is no smoke that you exhale and which ends up in your lungs and you enjoy a delicious taste. And whether that is the fresh taste of peppermint or the sweet taste of watermelon, that is entirely up to you.

Stop in a trendy way thanks to pouches

If you would like to quit smoking in a trendy way, pouches are certainly suitable for this. You can order the different pouches in different strengths. Suppose you start with nicopods with a high nicotine content, then you get what you normally ingest with cigarettes. But then you can gradually reduce this level, until you use pouches that only have taste, and no more nicotine.

Would you rather stop using nicotine immediately? That is also possible with pouches. There are certain brands that specialize in the sale of pouches without tobacco and nicotine. So here is only a flavor of your choice, and nothing else. However, there is a greater chance that you will have a hard time with withdrawal, so you have to take that into account. If you are really in doubt, it would be best to start with nicopods, and then lower the nicotine level each time. In this way, you are less likely to realize that you are taking in less nicotine, making it easier for you to stop using nicotine completely.

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