Nicotine pouches - also called 'snus' - are the alternative to cigarettes! The use of nicotine pouches is unobtrusive, smoke-free and tobacco-free, but provides you with the dose of nicotine you need. Just like chewing tobacco, you put the small nicotine pouches in your mouth, but unlike chewing tobacco you don't have to spit and the product contains no tobacco.

How do nicotine pouches work?

Nicotine pouches contain fillers, excipients and flavorings in addition to nicotine. But how does a nicotine pouch work? You push the pouch under your upper lip, where the nicotine and a pleasant taste are released. Because the bag feels soft, the package does not sit uncomfortably under your lip. The nicotine gives a nice feeling that is both calming and stimulating. Just like with cigarettes, some people feel that nicotine pouches help them focus better.


Compared to nicotine use through smoking, nicotine pouches have many advantages. First, the nicotine is not absorbed through your lungs but through the mucous membrane in your mouth. There is also no harmful tar in the bags. Moreover, because there is no tobacco in the product, you do not cause tobacco stains on your teeth. In addition, you can easily use the discreet small pouches in all kinds of places, without bothering other people. You don't saddle anyone with secondhand smoke.

How do I choose the right type of nicotine pouches?

You can divide our pouches into three categories: flavour, strength and size. In terms of taste, we have something for everyone: think of mint or a delicious coffee flavour, or a fresh fruit flavor such as citrus, watermelon or ginger-blood orange. Also in terms of strength, we have suitable nicotine pouches for everyone. As a beginner or occasional user we recommend a mild strain of 2-4 mg/g nicotine, experienced users can try the strengths 'strong' or even 'extra strong'. Of course we also have everything in between. The standard size is the most popular, but if you find it too big you can choose slim or mini.

Take a quick look at our range and find the nicotine pouch that suits you!

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