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Ordering snus and nicotine pouches has now become very easy. You can now easily order Snus online at, after which you will receive them at home the next day. Don't hesitate and buy your own stock of snus safely online
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Snus zakjes (pouches)

Ordering snus and nicotine pouches is currently more popular than ever. The well-known snus has its origin in Sweden. That country is known as one of the largest producers of snus and nicotine pouches. But why are both traditional snus and snicotine pouches so popular these days?

This is largely due to the following advantages over traditional smoking:

Better for the lungs

When you smoke, harmful substances end up in your lungs. This is one of the biggest reasons that people are less and less willing to smoke cigarettes. They are more and more concerned with health. And so they are looking for a better alternative; traditional snus and snus nicotine pouches.

Less intrusive on lifestyle

You put both traditional snus and nicotine bags behind your lip. When you make the comparison with smoking, it immediately becomes clear that there are some major differences. Smoking often requires you to go outside somewhere. In addition, there is smoke formation and a room starts to smell bad for others. For example, even in bad weather, you should smoke outside in a public place somewhere. This is not the case with snus and nicotine pouches. You can use them whenever and wherever.

    And what is the difference between ordering traditional snus and nicotine pouches? This is also a question that is often asked today. That is why we make a clear distinction between them.

    Order traditional snus

    When you order traditional snus, you get a form of lozenge delivered to your home, as it were. There is tobacco in a small bag, which is reminiscent of a tea bag. As is known to real snus users, you put this between your upper lip and the gums. You then experience the tobacco taste and you get a certain amount of nicotine. It is certainly a very popular alternative to smoking in Sweden.

    Order snus nicotine pouches

    You can then also choose to order nicotine bags from us! In that case, you will receive a slightly different product delivered to your home. With nicotine bags, also known as nicotine pouches, there is no tobacco in the product. It is a tobacco-free variant of the traditional snus. There are also a number of additional benefits associated with this. Nicotine bags can be ordered in a huge variety of different flavors. One is even more original than the other. This allows you as a user to choose which taste sensation you want to experience in the mouth. Popular options in terms of snus and nicotine bags are for example:

    • Pablo Ice Cold: An extra strong snus. This nicotine bag has a delicious mint taste.
    • Lyft Freeze X-Strong: Again a very intense nicotine experience, accompanied by a pleasant taste of peppermint and menthol.
    • Killa Cold Mint: A very refreshing nicotine pouch with a combination of a strong nicotine intensity and a very present mint taste.

    And so there are 60+ unique, tasteful and currently very popular options in terms of nicotine bags.

    Ordering snus/nicotine bags seems to be becoming more and more of a rage since 2020. Experience for yourself what it's like to have a very comfortable pocket between your lip and gums. With the extremely extensive options, your favorite flavor is sure to be included! Now Buy snus in our webshop?

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