Hoe bewaar je snus?

How do you store snus?

Snus bewaren

Just like drinks and food, snus also has a certain best-before date. Depending on the type of snus you buy, how long the product lasts can vary greatly. In most cases you will find such an expiration date on the snus itself.

It is important to observe this expiration date. The moment you keep it longer than stated on the package, the snus can taste strange. This taste deviation is often such that it is no longer good to use the product. So a waste of your money. However, there are things you can do to make it last longer.

Keep snus longer

In the first instance it is a good idea to keep snus cold anyway. That means, for example, that you put it in the fridge and let it rest at about 7 degrees. In the refrigerator, there is also less chance that the moisture that is in the snus will evaporate. The same goes for the extremely popular nicotine pouches. This often contains a certain amount of moisture. This ensures a pleasant use and a nice taste. Ensure both aspects by keeping it in the refrigerator.

Some people go a step further and keep snus or nicotine pouches in the freezer. This makes it possible to store them for up to a year. Ideal when, for example, you have bought a large amount at once. Instead of having to throw away half after a few months, you will be provided with a good product for at least a year.

Because snus and nicotine pouches can be stored for such a long time, many people also choose to take a variety of different products. For example, let's take nicotine pouches as an example. These pouches are very popular because of the wide range of different flavors and different nicotine strengths. So it is highly recommended to try different options until you find a particular favorite. For example, the following composition is ideal:

You then have an extra strong nicotine pouch, a strong sweet option and a relatively light, tropical pouch at your disposal. By giving them all a chance, you get to know better and better what you are looking for exactly.

And the good thing is that storage is not a problem. Then, when you've found a flavor that you like, just stock up a bit more. You freeze half and put the other half in the fridge. Fixed problem without sacrificing taste.

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