ZYN Lemon Spritz – 6mg/g
ZYN Lemon Spritz – 6mg/g
  • 8mg/g (6.4mg/pouch)

  • Citrus

  • Slim

ZYN Lemon Spritz – 6mg/g

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ZYN Lemon Spritz

The ZYN Lemon Spritz is one of the many original flavors that ZYN has added to the range. The pure lemon flavor has immediately turned out to be a real hit. A delicious taste sensation that makes using a nicotine pouch even more pleasant.

The ZYN Lemon Spritz also features a 6.4 mg/g nicotine intensity, which is experienced as relatively average. It gives a nice nicotine kick. In addition, the smart size further increases comfort. The nicotine pouch therefore fits perfectly behind the lip.

Does this all sound like music to your ears and would you really like to test what the ZYN Lemon Spritz tastes like in real life? Order your own stock now and experience in no time why this option is so popular. You might even discover your personal favorite!

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Lemon with hints of grapefruit, peach and rose water



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