ZYN Ginger Blood Orange – 12mg/g
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ZYN Ginger Blood Orange – 12mg/g

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 ZYN Ginger Blood Orange

Creativity in terms of flavors has been central to the well-known brand ZYN for a long time. With the ZYN Ginger Blood Orange they have again managed to create a nicotine pouch that optimally cares for the taste buds.

If you like ginger and blood orange, there is probably nothing better than to give this nicotine pouch a try. Thanks to its smart size, the pouch sits comfortably under your lip. Thanks to the accompanying taste, it is then really enjoyable!

The 9.6 mg/g nicotine intensity is relatively average and provides a nice nicotine boost. Ideal for the person who loves this.

Does this all sound good to you and are you just curious how the ZYN Ginger Blood Orange is in reality? Get your personal stock now!

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Ginger and blood orange



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