ZYN Deep Freeze –  16mg/g
  • 16mg/g

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ZYN Deep Freeze – 16mg/g

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ZYN Deep Freeze
The goal of the absolute top brand ZYN is to provide you with the ultimate refreshing experience with the ZYN Deep Freeze. This manifests itself in a nicotine pouch with an icy mint flavor that is hard to match. You will not encounter them much fresher!

In combination with the 16 mg/g nicotine intensity, this ZYN Deep Freeze is responsible for an intense experience. As a lover of a lot of nicotine, you will enjoy this product even more. A real kick.

And then there is the new slim format version of the ZYN Deep Freeze. With the aim of increased user comfort, this improves the experience even further. A much appreciated improvement by many users.

Order your own fresh stock now and experience the overwhelming advantages of this nicotine pouch for yourself!

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Icy mint



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