ZYN Cool Mint Mini Dry Strong – 15mg/g
  • 15mg/g (6mg/pouch)

  • Mint

  • Mini

ZYN Cool Mint Mini Dry Strong – 15mg/g

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The ZYN Cool Mint Mini Dry Strong provides an optimal fresh sensation, with an irresistible taste at the same time. Experience a not too intense nicotine experience in combination with the authentic mint tones.

The mini size of the nicotine pouches also ensures that they fit comfortably behind the lip. So much attention has been paid to the fit that it has been fully optimized. The experienced users of nicotine pouches appreciate this very much.

Are you a big fan of a very fresh nicotine pouch and would you like to choose a high-quality product from a top brand like ZYN? Then you're in the right place with the ZYN Cool Mint Mini Dry Strong.

Get your own stock right away and test for yourself whether this popular nicotine pouch also meets your individual taste preferences!


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15 mg/g

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