ZYN Apple Mint – 12mg/g
ZYN Apple Mint – 12mg/g
  • 12mg/g (9mg/pouch)

  • Mint

  • Slim

ZYN Apple Mint – 12mg/g

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ZYN Apple Mint

The ZYN Apple Mint is slowly but surely becoming more and more popular. The cause of this is purely and solely in the power of the taste. The combination of apple and mint provides a perfectly sweet and fresh sensation at the same time.

For those who like a stronger nicotine pouch, the nicotine intensity of 12 mg/g is ideal. A true nicotine kick is completely within the expectation. Add to that the power of the delicious taste and you have the ideal recipe for an extremely popular nicotine pouch.

Are you a fan of sweet, fresh and intense? Then it's high time to give the ZYN Apple Mint a shot. Do not wait any longer and get these nicotine pouches at home now, so that you can test for yourself whether it is what you are looking for!

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Apple and mint



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