XQS Wintergreen – 16mg/g
  • 16mg/g(8 mg/pouch)

  • Mint

  • Slim

XQS Wintergreen – 16mg/g

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XQS Wintergreen Strong is everything you ever wanted as a cool mint lover, but this has a sugary finish that balances the tasting experience perfectly. This herbal profile uses a bold spearmint character to give this sweet and frosty flavour, refreshing your palate beautifully. Along with flavour comes nicotine, and each pouch contains 8 mg. So if you’re an intermediate user looking for an all-day portion, you’ve found it.

Coming in a slim pouch, XQS Wintergreen Strong will appeal to the masses. This format is loved by so many because it offers the best of both worlds. 1, it sits underneath your lip invisibly like nothing is there. 2, it is still plump enough to ensure that there will be no portion movement to take away from your experience. Moreover, the contents are tobacco-free, so you can enjoy this use without the worry of getting stained teeth as a result of using this product.