WHITE FOX Full Charge – 16mg/g
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WHITE FOX Full Charge – 16mg/g

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White Fox Full Charge

The somewhat wider nicotine pouches from White Fox Full Charge are known for the intense presence of nicotine in combination with a full mint flavour. That is why you experience both an intense and a refreshing touch.

Are you looking for intensity and a strong refreshing taste? And would you like to appeal to a large and prominent brand? Then you have immediately found the right product with the White Fox Full Charge.

The 16.5 mg/g nicotine concentration is extremely popular among lovers of the stronger pouches. That is why the White Fox Full Charge is currently enjoying a huge turnout.

Experience the hype surrounding this product for yourself and order your personal stock now. There is a very good chance that you are dealing with your new favorite nicotine pouch here!


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