WHITE FOX Double Mint – 16mg/g
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WHITE FOX Double Mint – 16mg/g

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White Fox Double Mint 

The White Fox Double Mint is one of the most refreshing nicotine pouches you will find. This feeling of refreshment is also accompanied by a real energy boost. Are you a true lover of a mint flavor? Then using the White Fox Double Mint is a logical choice!

Known for the somewhat strong options, White Fox has once again launched a product with a relatively high intensity of 16 mg/g of nicotine. Thanks to the thinner design, this nicotine pouch fits optimally under the lip. High user comfort is guaranteed!

Experience what the ultimate freshness of the White Fox Double Mint really feels like and get this product as soon as possible. Treat yourself to a delicious, recurring energy boost. You don't want anything else after this!

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