WHITE FOX Original – 16mg/g
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WHITE FOX Original – 16mg/g

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White Fox Original

The White Fox Original is the pouch that has made the White Fox brand an absolute top brand. This very intense nicotine experience is combined with an extremely refreshing mint taste. Two worlds come together in one top quality pouch.

This tasty powerhouse provides a real energy boost that you can only imitate with few other products. In addition, the comfort is exceptionally high thanks to the smart format.

Are you a fan of a high nicotine concentration and do you prefer to combine it with a delicious mint flavour? Then the White Fox Original is by far the most suitable product for you.

Experience what 16 mg/g nicotine does to you and immediately get a small amount of this product at home. Who knows, after a first test you may have discovered a new favorite nicotine pouch!

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