WAKEY Cosmic Cola
  • Tobacco & nicotine free (50mg caffeine/g)

  • Cola

  • Slim

WAKEY Cosmic Cola

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Step into the cosmic realm with Wakey Cosmic Cola, an extraordinary cola-infused snus that takes you on a flavor voyage beyond the ordinary. Free from tobacco and nicotine, this revolutionary blend combines the classic comfort of cola with a celestial twist of heavenly citrus. It's not just a snus; it's a sensory expedition that transcends the conventional.

Each pouch of Wakey Cosmic Cola is infused with 50 mg of caffeine, providing a refreshing and stimulating kick to elevate your day. But that's not all – our tobacco and nicotine-free pouches also pack a punch of essential vitamins and minerals, contributing to your daily nutritional needs.

Say goodbye to traditional snus and nicotine pouches; Wakey Energy Pouches offer an innovative alternative. Whether you're looking to cut back on consumption or make a complete switch, let Wakey Cosmic Cola be your cosmic companion on the journey to a revitalized and tobacco-free lifestyle.