WAKEY Blizzard Mint
WAKEY Blizzard Mint
  • Tobacco & nicotine free

  • Mint

  • Slim

WAKEY Blizzard Mint

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Introducing WAKEY, a dynamic caffeine pouch designed to invigorate your senses with a bold flavor profile and a powerful energy boost. Crafted for those seeking a caffeine kick without the constraints of tobacco or nicotine, each portion delivers 50 mg of caffeine, providing the perfect remedy for low energy moments.

Experience the exhilaration of a blizzard with WAKEY's strong mint flavor, featuring cooling waves of herbal mint that create a frosty sensation under your lip, leaving your mouth refreshingly icy. The slim format of this caffeine pouch ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to savor the energizing minty taste privately.

Not only does WAKEY promise a revitalizing experience, but its tobacco-free composition eliminates concerns about stained teeth and bad breath. Enjoy a steady release of flavor and caffeine, unencumbered by the drawbacks associated with traditional tobacco products.