VID Watermelon – 12mg/g
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VID Watermelon – 12mg/g

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VID Watermelon

When it comes to luxury and the feeling of total mental satisfaction, we have the ultimate taste that always goes home - the taste of juicy fresh watermelon.

Whether it's a hot summer day, on vacation or just on the picnic blanket in the company of good friends, the watermelon gives the signals that it is something extra and a little extra luxurious.

VID has chosen to make a nicotine bag with this fantastic taste to to be able to enjoy the summer feeling or the holiday memory all year round. The healthy melon aromas are allowed to fill the mind and are complemented by invigorating mint notes. Melon has a natural sweetness and we want the good taste to play a part, even when it comes to the nicotine bag.

With VID Watermelon you experience the flavors and the feeling of a paradise climate, at least in the spirit, when you want and where you want. Fast delivery of nicotine in a pleasant strength gives you a pleasant experience, whether you are used to nicotine pouches or simply cannot or do not want to use tobacco products.