VID Fruit Fusion – 12mg/g
  • 12mg/g

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VID Fruit Fusion – 12mg/g

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VID Fruit Fusion

Fruit is fruit and candy is candy! We can all agree on that. Nicotine bags are not a fruit or candy, but a stimulant that stimulates the central nervous system.

That said, we can say with certainty that it is possible to make a nicotine pouch that tastes like the best from the fruit bowl. A fruit composition with a high complexity where it is possible to distinguish the individual fruits, but it is together in a fusion that the whole delicious feeling comes into its own.

With VID Fruit Fusion we want to offer a pleasant and good taste but with the full power of a strong nicotine bag. Fruity, fresh and with a clear print in the prill. We created VID Fruit Fusion for those customers who crave a full-strength nicotine boost without the mint taking over the flavors completely.

If full strength with balanced flavors is the goal, then this is the product we can recommend for those curious about something new and different.