VID Cool Citrus – 12mg/g
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VID Cool Citrus – 12mg/g

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VID Cool Citrus

If there is one smell or taste that exudes freshness, it is the citrus fruits. There is something about them that attracts us humans in a way that few other tastes and smells can handle. A sun-ripened lemon, bright orange oranges or sun-ripened limes.

It doesn't matter which citrus fruit is your favourite, few people don't like the distinctive aroma or juicy taste of the citrus fruit's vast palette of flavours. We've combined our favorites in VID Cool Citrus. They each have their part in creating a wonderful combination along with a pinch of menthol to enhance the freshness and balance of the acid, which is also a natural part of the citrus fruits.

VID Cool Citrus is not made to be a super strong product but a product for the real connoisseur. Quite sweet, fresh mint and with clear undertones of Citrus gives us a product for those who want to reduce their other nicotine intake or who are just looking for a really nice nicotine product.