V&YOU &Focus Citrus – 10mg/g
  • 10mg/g

  • Citrus

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V&YOU &Focus Citrus – 10mg/g

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V&YOU &Focus Citrus

Love a delicious nicotine boost in combination with the taste of fruity berries? Then these V&YOU nicotine pouches are exactly what you need!

With 10 mg/g of nicotine, you will experience a true nicotine kick with these pouches. You probably also recognize the shades of lemon and lime. Together it is responsible for a nicotine pouch that many people enjoy. This kick provides you with a boost in energy for a while. If this also tastes good, then using this V&YOU &Boost Citrus will of course only be more fun.

Put this pouch under your lip and experience for yourself why this unique taste sensation is so popular at the moment. There is a good chance that this one will be one of your favorite options right away!