SNOW Blue Breeze – 15mg/g
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SNOW Blue Breeze – 15mg/g

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SNOW Blue Breeze

The SNOW Blue Breeze is an icy fresh nicotine pouch that leaves an almost unparalleled fresh feeling in your mouth after use. So if you like this, you would do well to give this relatively new pouch a chance. He is very popular with many people.

Furthermore, the nicotine intensity of 15 mg/g also plays an important role in the increasing popularity of this product. This extra strong nicotine pouch lets you feel a real boost during use. A feeling of energy rushes through you when you have the SNOW Blue Breeze in your mouth.

In order to meet the customers even further, the SNOW brand develops its nicotine pouches in the smart fit. This innovative shape is adapted to the space between your upper lip and your gums. This makes it even nicer to keep the pouch in your mouth.

Are you curious how fresh the SNOW Blue Breeze really is and can't wait to test it yourself? Order the product now and experience it right away!


Product details




All white








Nicotine content:

15 mg/g

Number of pouches per tray:

20 pouches

Net weight per tray:

12 grams

Gross weight per tray:

30 grams

Available since:



Future Tobacco