SKRUF Super White #4 Frozen Shot – 18mg/g
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SKRUF Super White #4 Frozen Shot – 18mg/g

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Skruf Frozen Shot 4

The Skruf Frozen Shot is one of the newest options in terms of nicotine pouches from the top brand Skruf. The fact that this pouch is currently rapidly increasing in popularity is largely due to the delicious icy mint taste. This is responsible for an ultimate refreshing feeling in the mouth. Who doesn't like that?

In addition, using this pouch also provides a true nicotine shot. With 18 mg/g of nicotine, this product falls under the 'strong' category. If you are a fan of the energetic effect of a real nicotine kick, then the Skruf Frozen Shot is just right for you.

Order these nicotine pouches now and get to know the extra comfortable super smart format!

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