SKRUF Super White #4 Fresh – 18mg/g
  • 18mg/g

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SKRUF Super White #4 Fresh – 18mg/g

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Skruf Fresh 4 (X-Strong)
The Skruf Fresh 4 is currently the most popular flavor of the top brand Skruf. And this is not without reason. The combination of ultimate freshness and a high nicotine intensity is simply to the taste of just about everyone!

The 18 mg/g nicotine contained in the Skruf Fresh 4 is relatively on the high side. This makes the experience intense and ideal for the lover of a true nicotine shot.

To further improve the experience, Skruf has also produced the nicotine pouches in a handy slim format. A better fit under the lip is the immediate result.

Are you a true lover of a strong mint flavor and do you like to focus on products with a strong nicotine experience? Then don't wait any longer and get the Skruf Fresh 4 now. Who knows, this might be your favorite flavor from now on!

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