• 33mg/g

  • Mint

  • Slim Long

Siberia All White Long

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Siberia All White Long - nicotine pouch that promises an exhilarating journey for the adventurous. Packed with an intense nicotine strength of 33 mg/g, even seasoned users will find its potency a challenge to match. The blustery flavor profile combines frosty menthol and icy peppermint, creating a minty sensation that adds a cool twist to the overall experience.

Designed in a long format, this hefty pouch provides a discreet yet powerful option for those seeking intensity. Despite its weight, the slim shape allows users to enjoy the benefits of a discreet slim portion. The contents are kept moist, enhancing the product's strength and ensuring a formidable kick with each use. Brace yourself for one of the most intense and thrilling nicotine experiences available in the market.