Shiro Cool Mint – 10mg/g
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Shiro Cool Mint – 10mg/g

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Shiro Cool Mint
Are you a fan of nicotine pouches that provide a wonderfully refreshing feeling in the mouth? Then you have come to the right product with the Shiro Cool Mint. These pouches from top brand Shiro are purely aimed at delivering a fresh mint and spearmint taste.

With the 10 mg/g nicotine concentration, this is also a somewhat more intense nicotine pouch. Stronger than most of Shiro's other options, you will experience a genuine nicotine kick when you start using this pouch.

Are you looking for something new, which at the same time provides a fresh feeling? Then don't wait any longer than necessary and order the Shiro Cool Mint today. Before you know it you have them at home and you can experience for yourself what a combination of freshness and intensity does to you!

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Fresh mint and spearmint



Shiro   means "white" in Japanese. With the discreet white bags you have an effective nicotine experience and that without tobacco! Want to discover more flavors of Shiro? Click >> here <<