PABLO Grape Ice Exclusive
  • 50 mg/g

  • Fruity

  • Slim

PABLO Grape Ice Exclusive

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PABLO Exclusive Grape Ice | 20 Nicotine Pouches

The PABLO Exclusive Grape Ice is responsible for the most enjoyable experience in a PABLO pouch. The true fanatic will find this product highly tempting given that it has 50 mg/g of nicotine.

Customers have compared the taste of PABLO's special Grape Ice to a blast of ice grape. This exemplifies how pleasant using a nicotine pouch can be: it doesn't smell, smoke, or contain tobacco. 

What Nicotine Percentage is in PABLO Exclusive Grape Ice?

Due to its high nicotine concentration, the 50 mg/g nicotine level of PABLO's special Grape Ice makes it ideal for experienced users. The nicotine pouches are more potent than the amount of nicotine would imply because pH and moisture also impact how they influence your body and mind.

All PABLO products are mostly made of Е460 cellulose, Е501 PH-adjustment, E1520 humectant, nicotine, flavouring, water, and preservative. There’s no trace of tobacco, making this a different experience.

30 nicotine pouches are included in each can. 

The Benefits of the PABLO Exclusive Grape Ice 

  • Packets are easy to transport and are difficult to damage.
  • No exposure to passive smoking.
  • Convenient way to keep nicotine under control.
  • Reduce the sensation of craving smoking.
  • Easy to use.
  • It’s allowed in non-smoking places and areas.
  • Allow a great diversity of aromas.
  • Available nicotine concentrations range from 16 mg to 100 mg. 

How to Use the PABLO Exclusive Grape Ice

Place the pouch between your gums and upper lip to enjoy the flavor release for up to 60 minutes. To get rid of your used pouch, utilize the can's disposal cover. 

More Info On Pablo

NGP IMPERIAL is responsible for both the PABLO brand and its equivalents.

The PABLO exclusive pouches, available from NGP IMPERIAL, are designed for the more seasoned users searching for a minty, mango or grape flavor and a chewing sensation that helps relieve stress.