PABLO Bubblegum
  • 50 mg/g (30mg/pouch)

  • Bubblegum

  • Slim

PABLO Bubblegum

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The PABLO Exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake is responsible for the most enjoyable PABLO pouch experience. True fans will find this product highly tempting because it contains 50 mg/g of nicotine.

Consumers have compared the flavor of PABLO Exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake to an explosion of delicious strawberry cheesecake. This is the best example of how enjoyable a nicotine pouch can be since it doesn't smell, smoke, or contain tobacco. 

What Nicotine Percentage is in PABLO Exclusive Cheesecake?

The 50 mg/g nicotine level in PABLO Exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake makes it suitable for experienced users due to its high nicotine content. Since pH and moisture also affect how the nicotine pouches affect your body and mind, they are stronger than the nicotine amount would suggest.

All PABLO products are mostly made of Е460 cellulose, Е501 PH-adjustment, E1520 humectant, nicotine, flavoring, water, and preservative. There’s no trace of tobacco, making this a different experience.

20 nicotine pouches are included in each can. 

The Benefits of the Pablo Exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake Pouches

  • It tastes and smells fantastic.
  • Packets are easy to transport and are difficult to damage.
  • Allow a great diversity of aromas.
  • Elimination of all combustion and absorption of toxic substances by the lungs.
  • Discrete and practical.
  • They don’t stain the teeth.
  • A way to avoid switching to vaping.
  • Available nicotine concentrations range from 16 mg to 100 mg. 

How To Use The PABLO Exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake Pouches

As a new nicotine pouch consumer, you may wonder, "Where exactly am I supposed to put this?" when you pick up your first nicotine pack. The correct response is, "it depends." Some people like to put it in that space between their upper lip and gum, while others like the lower lip. 

More Info On PABLO

NGP IMPERIAL is responsible for both the PABLO brand and its equivalents.

The PABLO exclusive pouches, available from NGP IMPERIAL, are designed for the more seasoned users searching for a minty, mango, or grape flavor and a chewing sensation that helps relieve stress.