PABLO Banana Ice
  • 50 mg/g (30mg/pouch)

  • Fruity

  • Slim

PABLO Banana Ice

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Pablo Banana Ice Nicotine Pouches - the perfect way to satisfy your cravings! These slim and discreet pouches deliver a delicious fruity flavour and 50mg/g nicotine, giving you the satisfaction you need. With 20 pouches per box, each pouch is individually sealed for maximum freshness. Manufactured by NGP Imperial, these pouches are sure to give customers an unbeatable experience.

The advantages of the Pablo Banana Ice Nicotine Pouches are the convenient size, making it easy to take them anywhere; the discreet nature allows consumption without attracting attention; and the great flavour, giving users maximum enjoyment every time they use them. The disadvantages are the slightly higher price compared to other similar products on the market and the possible health risks of nicotine consumption if used irresponsibly or excessively.