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ONICO Peppermint

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ONICO Peppermint

Curious how an ultimate fresh feeling is expressed in a nicotine-free pouch? Then look no further than the ONICO Peppermint. This pouch is full of peppermint flavour, which many users describe as the ultimate refreshment.

The popularity of a nicotine-free pouch is evident with this option. They are hardly available fast enough to meet the increasing demand.

This partly has to do with the greatly renewed fit that ONICO chooses for all products. This clever size is designed with the space between the gums and the upper lip in mind. As a result, the nicotine pouch fits better than ever in this space. Maximum comfort is the direct result.

Would you like to experience the ultimate refreshing experience yourself? And do you also want to try a nicotine pouch that does not contain nicotine? Then the ONICO Peppermint is the ultimate product for you personally. Order it now and test it yourself!