ONICO Original
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ONICO Original

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ONICO Original

The ONICO Original is a nicotine-free pouch with notes of bergamot and green herbs. The bergamot is a citrus fruit, which has a certain fruity taste. You will also find this in this nicotine pouch, which makes it a unique option.

As a lover of new flavors, you would do well to give the ONICO Original a chance. There are few brands with the flavor composition that this product has. Especially if you like to use a pouch without nicotine, this is the ideal option.

Produced in the innovative fit, these ONICO Original pouches fit perfectly between your upper lip and your gums. The ultimate feeling of comfort in combination with the unique taste sensation are responsible for the popularity of this product.

Are you curious where the hype comes from and do you want to test yourself what the use of a nicotine-free pouch is like? Then take immediate action and order the ONICO Original now!