ONICO Licorice
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ONICO Licorice

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ONICO Licorice

With the ONICO Licorice, the top brand ONICO has entered the market with a new taste. You can taste a clear licorice taste in this product, which is very well received by the average candy lover. Do you also love liquorice?

Furthermore, the ONICO Licorice is a nicotine-free pouch. This tobacco-free and nicotine-free snus therefore focuses mainly on the feel and taste. And it does so with gusto. This pouch excels on both counts.

For example, these pouches are designed in a smart fit. This is responsible for an extra high feeling of comfort. It has been adapted in detail to the space in the mouth where you put the nicotine-free pouch.

Can't wait to experience the taste of licorice in a pouch? And do you like to choose a product from a top brand, so that the quality is as high as possible? Then act immediately and order a small stock of ONICO Licorice pouches.

Who knows, you may have discovered a new favorite pouch with this one!