ON! Licorice – 6mg/g
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ON! Licorice – 6mg/g

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ON! Mint Mild

The ON! Licorice 6 mg is the perfect introduction to the world of the nicotine pouch. Thanks to the relatively mild amount of 6 mg/g of nicotine, you don't have to worry about an excessive nicotine kick.

In addition, this pouch has a delicious licorice flavour. The real liquorice enthusiast will be very happy with this. It makes use of the ON! Licorice 6 mg a very pleasant experience.

Especially when you take into account that an innovative fit has been chosen. As a result, the pouch fits better in the mouth than ever before. Minimal discomfort, maximum comfort. With that premise it is not surprising that the pouch has turned out to be a great success.

Discover for yourself the many benefits that come with trying the ON! Licorice 6 mg. Get your own stock and test one out right away!


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6 mg/g


Are you new to using nicotine pouches? Then ON! perfect for you. With ON! nicotine pouches allow you to experience nicotine in a mild and discreet way. Anytime, anywhere ;)

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