ON! Citrus – 6mg/g
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ON! Citrus – 6mg/g

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ON! Citrus Mild

The ON! Citrus Medium immediately stands out thanks to the rectangular can. This modern design symbolizes the views of the ON! as a whole. Time and again they look for new flavors to positively surprise the user.

With the ON! Citrus Medium has certainly succeeded again. The well-known citrus taste is very authentic and a real added value for the nicotine pouch. The 6 mg/g of nicotine is also fairly average and ideal for the novice user.

Is citrus one of your favorite flavors or are you really curious about a new taste? Then don't wait any longer and order your own stock of this product now.

The ON! Citrus Medium is currently extra popular and is slowly but surely growing into one of the best-selling options!

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6 mg/g


Are you new to using nicotine pouches? Then ON! perfect for you. With ON! nicotine pouches allow you to experience nicotine in a mild and discreet way. Anytime, anywhere ;)

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