ON! Berry – 3mg/g
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ON! Berry – 3mg/g

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 ON! Berry Extra Mild

The ON! Berry Extra Mild is the mild version of the well-known nicotine pouch with berry flavour. The nicotine intensity of 3mg/g is relatively low, making this option a very beginner-friendly one. An ideal entry pouch!

In addition, the smart size provides an increased feeling of comfort. The pouch fits better under the lip and significantly improves the user experience. You can clearly taste the taste of berries return. An ultimate combination of comfort and sensation.

Are you looking for a mild nicotine pouch that does have a tasty, popular taste? Then act on the word and get the ON! Berry Extra Mild delivered as soon as possible!

Who knows, after trying this nicotine pouch you may have discovered a new favorite flavor and activity!

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Are you new to using nicotine pouches? Then ON! perfect for you. With ON! nicotine pouches allow you to experience nicotine in a mild and discreet way. Anytime, anywhere ;)
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