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ON! Berry – 6mg/g

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ON! Berry Medium

Recognizable by the unique rectangular can is the Berry Medium from ON! a very eye-catching nicotine pouch. But even more important than the look is the taste. And the clear hints of berries you get in the ON! Berry Medium are an absolute hit!

These nicotine pouches are especially popular among beginners. If you are just getting acquainted with these pouches, 8 mg/g of nicotine is very acceptable. In this way you experience in a mild way what it is like to use such a product.

Thanks to the smart format, the ON! Berry Medium wonderfully comfortable under your lip.

Are you new to the world of the nicotine pouch or do you just like a milder berry taste? Then don't stay in suspense about how good this product tastes and get it now!


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Are you new to using nicotine pouches? Then ON! perfect for you. With ON! nicotine pouches allow you to experience nicotine in a mild and discreet way. Anytime, anywhere ;)

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