NORDIC SPIRIT Spearmint Intense – 9mg/g
  • 9mg/g

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NORDIC SPIRIT Spearmint Intense – 9mg/g

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Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense
The Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense is responsible for a true lift due to the medium nicotine concentration. The 9 mg/g is ideal for lovers of a small nicotine kick.

In addition, the fresh feeling in the mouth is one of the plus points of the Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense. The mint flavor is clearly present and provides a real refreshment.

With this combination of flavors and intensity, the relatively new brand Nordic Spirit immediately succeeds. The nicotine pouches are well received and seem to fully meet the user's expectations.

It only helps that the pouches are delivered in a smart format. This custom fit results in an increased feeling of comfort while using the Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense.

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