NORDIC SPIRIT Berry Citrus – 14mg/g
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NORDIC SPIRIT Berry Citrus – 14mg/g

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 Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus

The relatively new brand Nordic Spirit immediately makes itself heard with the very popular Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus. Both the smell and the taste of this nicotine pouch are extra intense, when you compare it with other brands.

Not only are the taste and smell very present in a positive way, but the intensity in terms of nicotine is also on the high side. The 14 mg/g falls into the higher categories and is ideally suited for lovers of a true nicotine kick!

Does the taste combination of blueberries and bergamot-citrus appeal to you? And would you like to experience what it is like to use the new slim format of the nicotine pouches under your lip? Then act on the word and get your own stock of the Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus right now.


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Nordic Spirit






Blueberries and bergamot citrus



With Nordic Spirit you will experience a fruity nicotine experience in a variety of flavors. Want to discover more flavors of Nordic Spirit? Click >> here  <<