LYFT Urban Vibe Ultra  – 18mg/g
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LYFT Urban Vibe Ultra – 18mg/g

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LYFT Urban Vibe Ultra

The LYFT Urban Vibe Ultra is one of the stronger nicotine pouches available from the top brand LYFT. In this pouch you will find a nicotine intensity of 18 mg/g. With this amount you can assume that you will experience a real nicotine kick!

The taste of energy drinks is also clearly visible. This taste sensation reminds you of the times you poured in a delicious fresh energy drink. Experience with this LYFT Urban Vibe Ultra down to the last detail what the combination of energy drink and a nicotine kick does to you.

This option comes in a smart fit. This means that an innovative design has been chosen, which provides an ultra-comfortable feeling. The nicotine pouch fits perfectly between your upper lip and your gums. An ideal format.

Experience why so many people choose the LYFT Urban Vibe Ultra and order this flavor now. Who knows, it might be your new favorite!


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Red fruit and cranberry



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