LYFT Summer Beat – 8mg/g
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LYFT Summer Beat – 8mg/g

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LYFT Summer Beat

The LYFT Summer Beat is one of the newest flavors from the top brand LYFT. As with many other flavours, this option quickly turns out to be a bull's eye again.

This pouch is a relatively mild variant. With a nicotine intensity of 8 mg/g, you don't have to worry about the nicotine being too intense. Instead, you notice the delicious taste of orange and citrus. With a few flowery tones in addition, you really taste the summer in this nicotine pouch.

This delicious tropical flavor is one that you won't find with many other brands. It is no coincidence that the LYFT Summer Beat has quickly become one of the most popular options.

Can't wait to taste the delicious taste of summer in your nicotine pouch yourself? Then don't wait any longer and get this option now!


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Fresh orange and citrus



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