LYFT Storm Ultra – 18mg/g
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LYFT Storm Ultra – 18mg/g

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LYFT Storm Ultra

As far as the LYFT brand is concerned, the LYFT Storm Ultra is one of the strongest options available. With no less than 18 mg/g of nicotine, you are guaranteed a real nicotine boost. Ideal if you are a big fan of this!

Accompanied by a delicious mint flavor, this is a nicotine pouch that you will not soon forget. The fresh experience in combination with the nicotine kick is almost unparalleled. Only when you've actually tried it do you understand what others mean by this.

As with all other flavors from LYFT, you can count on a high quality pouch. This top brand is no longer new on the market. So they know better than anyone how to assemble a nicotine pouch. The ultra-comfortable fit speaks volumes here.

Are you curious about what the LYFT Storm Ultra does to you when you try it out? Find out as soon as possible by ordering a small stock now!


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