LYFT Ice Cool – 14mg/g
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LYFT Ice Cool – 14mg/g

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LYFT Ice Cool Mint (Strong)
The LYFT Ice Cool Mint is one of the more popular varieties from top brand LYFT. As a frontrunner when it comes to new snus, tobacco and nicotine pouches, this brand knows exactly what it is doing.

This pouch with a strong mint flavor is a relatively strong variant. The nicotine concentration of 14 mg/g indicates that this option is mainly intended for people who prefer a slightly stronger pouch.

The fresh and pleasant mint taste is the absolute preference of many mint lovers over other nicotine pouches. Thanks to the narrow fit, the minty taste lasts longer and you can enjoy the product to the fullest.

Does this appeal to you and you can't wait to try this relatively intense pouch with a strong mint flavor?

Order your desired quantity now and give the LYFT Ice Cool Mint a chance!

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