LYFT Easy Mint –  6mg/g
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LYFT Easy Mint – 6mg/g

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Lyft Easy Mint is now replaced by Lyft Easy Mint Mini


LYFT Easy Mint
The LYFT Easy Mint offers a true introduction to the world of nicotine pouches. With these relatively low-intensity nicotine pouches you can get acquainted with the one and only nicotine pouch in an accessible way. Ideal for people who don't want to dive right into the deep end, but want to start slowly.

The top brand  LYFT has a very extensive range of different flavors. The LYFT Easy Mint has a mild taste with a hint of mint. This way you experience a nice fresh feeling, while the nicotine is 6 mg/g.

Have you been looking for an 'entry-level' nicotine pouch for a while or do you simply want to give a new flavor a chance?

Then choose the LYFT Easy Mint and experience for yourself what a subtly fresh taste sensation can do to you!

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