LYFT Berry Frost – 6mg/g

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LYFT Berry Frost
The Lyft Berry Frost is also seen as the ideal entry-level pouch. This means that the Lyft Berry Frost does not provide a very intense experience thanks to the mild strength and fruity taste. In fact, it is a somewhat calmer and at the same time very tasteful experience for every user.

The Lyft brand is perhaps the most well-known brand in the entire snus industry for a reason. People who order snus quickly end up at Lyft snus thanks to the wide range of different flavors.

This also applies to the nicotine pouches that with the Lyft Berry Frost there will be a mix of a cold and fruity sensation in your mouth.

Curious how the Lyft Berry Frost tastes in practice? Order a nice stock for yourself now!

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Red fruit and mint



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