KILLA Cold X Mint – 16mg/g
  • 16mg/g

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KILLA Cold X Mint – 16mg/g

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Killa Cold X Mint Extra Strong Nicopods

If there's one thing you can say about top brand Killa, it's that they constantly come up with new, positive surprises. The Killa X Cold Mint is one of them.

The Killa X Cold Mint is even stronger than most other options that you are used to from Killa. This very high intensity appears to be to the liking of many people. Despite the fact that this option is new in our range, it quickly sells very well.

Are you also attracted to the combination of a cold, fresh taste and a high intensity of nicotine? Then the Killa X Cold Mint is exactly what you are looking for!

Don't wait any longer and get this brand new variant now.