KILLA Cold Mint – 16mg/g
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KILLA Cold Mint – 16mg/g

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Killa Cold Mint Extra Strong Nicopods

Killa Cold Mint is a nicotine pouch from the well-known and very popular brand Killa. Thanks to innovative production techniques in combination with a lot of creativity, this brand has become a favorite for many users of snus tobacco and nicotine pouches.

Especially people who prefer a strong nicotine experience and a wide variety of flavors will enjoy Killa.

Killa Cold Mint fits completely into Killa's philosophy; a nicotine pouch with a high intensity and a fresh, delicious taste. The Cold Mint variant provides a real boost to your day!

Do you want to experience the ultimate kick yourself and give a new nicotine pouch the chance? Then get the Killa Cold Mint Extra Strong now for a true authentic experience!


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With Killa you will experience an extra strong nicotine experience in a variety of flavors. Want to discover more flavors of Killa? Click >> here  <<