KILLA Bubblegum
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KILLA Bubblegum

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KILLA Bubblegum | 20 Nicotine Pouches

When it comes to KILLA pouches, the KILLA Bubblegum is to blame for the most delicious sensation. This product has a nicotine content of 16 mg/g and is particularly appealing to true enthusiasts. 

Many consumers have characterized the flavor of KILLA Bubblegum as a delicious bubblegum sensation in the mouth with a good wake-up shot. That's how enjoyable a nicotine pack can be: odorless, smokeless, and tobacco-free. 

What Nicotine Percentage is in KILLA? 

Due to its moderate nicotine percentage, KILLA Bubblegum has a nicotine content of 16 mg/g and is best suited for novice or intermediate users. The packs are significantly more potent than their nicotine content indicates, as moisture and pH also impact how your body and mind interact with them. 

Eucalyptus-based plant fibers, sugar, water, flavors, and nicotine are the main ingredients in KILLA Bubblegum. There is no trace of tobacco, which makes it a different experience. 

20 nicotine pouches are included in each can. 

The Benefits of the KILLA Nicotine Pouches 

  • It’s allowed in non-smoking places and areas.
  • The flavor remains in the mouth for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Discrete and practical.
  • Packets are easy to transport and are difficult to damage.
  • Less adverse health effects than smoking.
  • Allow a great diversity of aromas.
  • Does not leave bad breath compared to cigarettes.
  • Available nicotine concentrations range from 3 mg to 50 mg. 

How to Use the KILLA Pouches 

These pouches are consumed by placing them between the lip and the gum to favor the absorption of nicotine through the mucous membranes of the mouth, thus reaching the bloodstream more quickly. 

More Info on KILLA 

NGP EMPIRE produces the KILLA line of items, such as KILLA Bubblegum and all other alternatives. 

NGP EMPIRE also offers KILLA Strawberry Cheesecake which is suitable for intermediate nicotine users who want a sweeter taste in the mouth. If you like cakes, this variant is for you!