KILLA 13 – 16mg/g
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KILLA 13 – 16mg/g

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Killa 13 Extra Strong Nicopods 

Killa is a well-known brand in the field of snus and nicotine pouches. Time and again they develop new flavors to keep the use of these products tasty and exciting. That is why you are always positively surprised at Killa when you look at what they offer. In addition, the pouches are known for being extra strong.

The Killa 13 nicotine pouches are an example of this. This product has an original energy drink flavor and is extra strong. It reminds many users exactly of the taste you experience when you are drinking an energy drink.

Have you always been a fan of energy drinks or are you simply very curious how well the energy taste in the nicotine pouches comes into its own?

Then don't wait any longer and order the Killa 13 right away to test it yourself!

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Extra Strong


Energy drink

With Killa you will experience an extra strong nicotine experience in a variety of flavors. Want to discover more flavors of Killa? Click >> here <<