Kick Up Real White Compact Energy
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Kick Up Real White Compact Energy

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Kick Up Real White Soft Mint

The Kick Up Real White Soft Mint is a nicotine-free pouch with a fairly strong and refreshing mint taste. This tobacco-free and nicotine-free pouch gives you a fresh feeling in the mouth that you will not have experienced much before. The use of this product serves as a real eye-opener for many people!

Thanks to the innovative design of the pouches themselves, the use of the Kick Up Real White Soft Mint pouch also provides ultimate comfort. The shape is adapted to the available space in the mouth. This makes the feeling better than you have ever experienced with snus or nicotine pouches.

Are you also curious about the promise of a refreshing experience? And can't wait to try the Kick Up Real White Soft Mint? Then take immediate action and place an order.

It happens more often that exactly this product becomes a personal favorite!


Product details

Brand: Kickup
Producer: Winnington
Type: All white
Format: smart
Strength: mild
Nicotine content: Nicotine free
Number of pouches per tray: 24 pouches
Net weight per pouch: 0.71 grams

Net weight per tray:

14.2 grams

Gross weight per tray:

36 grams
Available since: 2019